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Tile Repair

Handyman come in handy in a myriad of different situations, have you ever had trouble with that one chipped tile in one corner that your pinky toe always bruises against? What about the pool of dirt and the permanently stained set of tiles in your washroom? Be it for decoration on the walls or anti-friction tiles for you to walk on, we have the solution for all your needs. There is a saying that you need to have a firm ground to have a sound mind, and we provide skilled and strong handymen who get the job done real fast. Tiling is an art that we have mastered over years of practice and training; this is not a joke because many consider it a simple act of laying a few thin slabs on the floor whereas it involves proper planning in terms of floor leveling and careful placing of the tiles. We ensure they stick to the ground or the wall and remain till you want them removed by force. With the latest equipment for polishing, grinding, cutting and so much more combined with the best of handyman, we give you something more than tiling service, a satisfaction that makes you want to come back for more.