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Smoke Detector and CO Detector

You face fire hazards every day at home. Fires can occur if there’s a mishap while cooking. Faulty electrical plug appliances and loose contacts can also result in a fire, which greatly endangers your home and family. It is very important for a home to be equipped with smoke detectors to alert you of an imminent fire in your home so that you can get to safety and attempt to put out the fire as quickly as possible. Carbon monoxide is yet another dangerous compound which if inhaled in excess, can lead to asphyxiation and death. What makes it more dangerous than smoke is the fact that it is colorless and odorless and very difficult to detect.  Every home requires a carbon monoxide detector to sense the lethal compound which may be released by open flames, water heaters, space heaters or blocked chimneys. Our handymen install smoke and CO detectors in the right spots to ensure smoke and carbon monoxide emerging from any part of your home is immediately detected. We will work in a professional manner and finish the installation in no time. You will also love our low rates. Employ us to install your smoke and CO detectors and protect your loved ones.