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A Rock Solid Handyman & Remodeling

Seasonal Services

A Rock Solid Handyman & Remodeling  is very versatile and caters to a wide variety of maintenance services. Seasonal Services are a very important parameter when it comes to any household. All around the year there is a constant need to keep the house safe and secure for the people living in it. There are times of joy and gatherings where there is a need to socialize and enjoy rather than get ones’ hands dirty going around with decorations.

Most of our outsides are harsh and winters bring about the gloom that nobody wishes for. To keep the winter out, there is a need for insulation and weather stripping. Because the household is a dynamic system, it is important to ensure that there are certain safety precautions taken to prevent any minor mistakes to turn into major accidents.
Our handyman and modeling services has skilled handymen who have been trained through experience and are ready to solve any issue that engulfs one during the times of need in a regular household. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween or New Year, be it any festive day, all you have to do is sit back and watch your home light up with decorations. No longer is it necessary for you to sprain your back lifting the Christmas tree or bruise your elbow trying to install lights, let our handymen do it for you in no time at all. There are also times when decorations need to compete with that of your neighborhood decorations, do not worry, because our handymen will produce works of art which will leave everyone in awe.
 Winters bring a host of new problems to any household at all. The most worrisome is the cold seeping in through the gaps rendering the thermostat and fireplace ineffective and also leading to increased energy usage. Installing insulation strips is an art that has been mastered by none other than our trusted handymen, installing the strips and insulations pads in the places where they matter with such quality that no matter how strong the winds are, the cold remains where it should that is outside the house.
Winter and holidays bring about the cozy comfortable images in our minds that might lead us to become complacent. It is an absolute necessity to take care of hazards, most important being the fire hazard. Every household needs to have the best quality smoke detectors. Even small quantities of carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues and the worst part about such accidents is that CO is odorless and colorless making it even more dangerous and the smoke detector an absolute must. To control the fire requires the extinguishers which are often gas based so that all those oil, electric and various other sources of heat can be curbed easily. Our handymen will install the detectors and extinguishers in the most accessible and more importantly sensible places so that you have ease of access during times of need. We are just a call away, let our handyman come in handy and make you lives so much easier.