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Fire Extinguishers

Every household faces the risk of fire from the myriad of different appliances, equipment and much more around a general house. Even the humble smart phone has been pointed to cause fire when overcharged or placed over beds. Laptops, electrical outlet shorts, stoves, gas burners, grills, microwaves, oil fires and so on is just the basic list of all the things that could lead to a fire hazard in an average household. The most essential and often neglected safety equipment after the smoke detector is the Fire extinguisher. When placed in the right spots and maintained properly, it can tame fires that have had a little breathing time. There are different types of these and the most commonly used is the CO2 powder or gas extinguisher. Usually for household, gas extinguishers are preferable. Not all fires can be tamed with water and it is usually an extremely bad idea to pour water into an oil fire or electrical short circuit. The fire extinguisher is intuitive to use and it can protect the house by curbing any of the above mentioned types of fire breakouts. Our handymen install it in the most susceptible locations for speedy access and action.