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Doors, Windows Installation & Repair

Doors have been the integral part of any household for long and the dear windows ensure we get enough sunlight and ventilation throughout. They need to be taken care of just as any other housebound item. Having problems with creaky doors that drive you nuts with the high frequency squeaks? What about the windows that won’t close the last few centimeters or the ones that keep banging against the wall waking you up from a wonderful dream. There is a solution to each and every problem and we are here to provide it for you. Installing doors is another major hindrance that we solve with minimal efforts because of our skilled set of handymen who get the job done real fast, real quick with great precision and quality. Especially the heavy teak doors at the entrance and the windows that open to backyards need extra attention so as to not allow any easy access. This is where our strength lies, in ensuring quality, safety and precision in the smallest of tasks. What goes without saying is that we provide you with work that lasts for a long time. For example, the doors to the washroom are subjected to varying moisture levels throughout the day, and we ensure that the metal clamps and screws used to hold the hinge can withstand the same without getting corroded. Attention to detail is of prime importance to us and you can avail all this with just a phone call. Let us make your life easier.   ​