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Make Your Small Bathroom Look and Fell Larger

February 28, 2014

Small bathrooms are always giving the homeowners challenges. A Rock Solid Handyman & Remodeling, Tampa based company would like to share a few tips and simple design tricks can help your small bathroom feel more spacious.

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How to Paint Without Streaks

February 8, 2014

One of the most economical and easiest ways to redecorate a room is to paint it. The new decor can be fixed quickly this way. However, sometimes the paint rollers may leave behind streaks, drips and unsightly lap marks which can mar the aesthetics of the room. Good news is, avoiding these unwanted marks is easy once a few techniques are kept in mind [.....]

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TV Mount Install

February 2, 2014

The entire aesthetics of a living room can be redefined and improved with just mounting of your flat panel TV on the wall without showing any wires [....]

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Feng Shui the Baby's Room

January 28, 2014

Being parents' of your new child, you should be careful when preparing the room for your baby to have a healthy environment, easy to sleep and feel comfortable [.....]

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Bedroom Design Styles - Part 1

January 14, 2014

Classic or Contemporary, oriental or western, dark or light...each bedroom style will has its own unique, depending on the tastes of each person [.....]

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Open Up Your Living Room Space

January 8, 2014

Living room area with an open floor plan is usually a great idea to create living space for families and friends to hang out. This room has expansive views of nature with big windows and glass doors which allow natural light to penetrate into the living space, fresh air from the outside environment such as back yard garden, balcony, where you can harmony with nature [.....]

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The Art of Luxurious and Mysterious Living Room Makeover

December 22, 2013

Living room is the focal point of a house that harmony with other functional areas. The beauty of this space is given special attention, showing permeable decorative technique of the owner [.....]

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Beauty 'dazzle' of  the blue color

December 16, 2013

Blue is the color symbolizing air and water, bring to us a refreshing feel, and calm after long hours of intense work. Blue color also conquered the homeowner because of its diversity, rich in nuances expressed as turquoise, blue, green, ocean blue or cobalt blue Mediterranean [.....]

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